About Us


We are a group of Certified and Accredited Personal Property Appraisers located in Chicago, surrounding suburbs, Southeastern Wisconsin, and Michigan holding membership with the International Society of Appraisers dedicated to providing the public with the most professional appraisal services available.

One may need an appraiser for:

  • INSURANCE OF HOUSEHOLD CONTENTS – including Fine Art, Antiques and Collectibles
  • ESTATE EVALUATION – The IRS has mandated that one obtain an appraisal from an ACCREDITED personal property appraiser when preparing Federal Estate Tax Returns.
  • CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS – The new IRS ruling states that one MUST have a written report with photographs attached to any charitable donation over $500.00
  • DIVORCE AND EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION – The appraiser acts as in a non-partisan role in assigning values.
  • CONSULTATIONS – Our experienced appraisers are able to advise you of what your items are worth and identify any historical or valuable significance.
  • CLAIMS SERVICES – The appraiser performs pre and post move inspections and expedites repair and replacement claims.